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Our Testimonials

Shawn Fitzgerald
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Joe C is an authentic person you can trust! He has an energetic attitude and is an overall awesome person to be around.
Chester Quilaneta
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Joe is amazing! I was seeing a physical therapist for my shoulder but the the progress was slow and felt like it wasn't helping. I decided to try acupuncture if I can have better results. The first session was life changing, the acupuncture along with cupping made a major difference in my mobility. Joe is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about his craft. I've been going to him ever since and look forward to every session. Highly recommended !
Cassandra Balado
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Joe is awesome! Such a calm energy to be around. Joe was treating me for ovarian cysts along with regular adjustments/any other pain my body throws at me. Before I came to Joe I had developed my second very large ovarian cyst, the first of which was removed only to grow another subsequently after. I was trying everything not to get surgery again - methods from western medicine were not working so I switched over to Chinese medicine and started integrating acupuncture into my regime among other things. After 8 months of herbals/meditation/castor packs and 5 months of acupuncture we successfully reduced my cyst around 3cm in size!!! I was FLOORED hearing this news. Joe truly has helped my overall health on top of being a catalyst in my cyst situation. I am a yogi as well but I do a lot of computer work so I have some pain in my back, underneath my ribs and sometimes shoulders. Joe has also helped me realign my ribs which stopped any pain I was having underneath my ribs/abdominal and he helped me understand my natural posture so I can prevent these things. I never realized how lopsided I was until after he adjusted me😂 Joe is a true healer and really does a full scope on whatever is going on. On top of it he always has inspirational advice to give!
Jacob Glaser
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I’ve been lucky enough to get acupuncture from Joe for a number of years now. I consider Joe family and have always been able to call on him for acupuncture or help with pain relief . As a 13 year veteran and a NYC firefighter, my body is in constant need of tweaking and repair. I found acupuncture to work perfectly for the majority of issues throughout the years that I was having . Joe has been able to treat me successfully for ankle , lower back , mid back , shoulder and neck pain. It’s difficult to describe how well acupuncture helped me, considering the relief is something different from any other form of therapy. I was lucky that Joe took the mystery of acupuncture away and educated me on the benefits because I truly feel my body performs better day to day because of my weekly visits. The new space is beautiful and has only added to the experience I’ve already received in his other offices. I would recommend Joe to any range of athlete or anyone on their feet for a majority of the day that has the typical tweaks all the way up to real injury management . The real cherry on top is the hypervolt!! See you soon brother
Kristen Maccarone
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Joe is absolutely amazing. I am a teacher and a CrossFit athlete who trains 5-6 days a week and am the type of athlete that doesn’t want to hear you need to stop working out in order to feel better. I went to joe in July for hip pain. He does an awesome job finding the problem and working with you on achieving your goals. He truly cares about his patients. Not only is my hip 10x better but he now works with me on maintaining and keeping myself healthy through out training. If you are an athlete who is dealing with an injury that just won’t heal, nagging pain that won’t go away, or you’re just someone who is curious about acupuncture and if it actually works then I highly recommend joe to you! I promise it works and he is who you want to see.
Amanda Ferraiolo
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I am a teacher during the day, and a student at night. It is really hard for me to make time for anything else. Someone recommended that I see Joe for acupuncture after I hurt my wrist. While he treated my wrist, we got into conversation and he uncovered that I also suffer from migraines. After asking great questions, he offered to do acupuncture to treat my migraines. I was getting them every single weekend for the past couple of years, but since being treated for the past two months, I have only had two migraines and they were not nearly as extreme as they used to be. Above this, Joe is kind and personable. I will never go anywhere else for treatment!
Anthony Elechi
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Joe is absolutely amazing. He has taking my recovery and performance as a professional athlete to new heights in such a short amount of time I have been seeing him. Definetly plan to continue seeing him now and in the future. Great mind and always a pleasure to be around as well! Thank you for everything!
Amy Yost
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Joe has helped me out immensely with my trapedius muscle spasms. I was so miserable and now the pain is completely gone. He's the best !
Matthew Coleman
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I can’t believe how much of an improvement I have noticed in the the short time period I hav even seeing Joe. I went from struggling to put my socks on in the morning to a month later lifting regularly and playing sports on weekends!
Edward Cullum
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I was very cautious about acupuncture so I gave it a try thank god it was joe Calabria acupuncturist I have severe back pain when I go in no pain when I come out. Thanks Joe I’m a regular now
The Business Journey Podcast
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Highly recommend this place! Joe C is very knowledgeable in his field and has a great personality.


At Calabria Acupuncture, from the very first treatment we want to make sure you leave with decreased pain, improved range of motion, and increased strength. Above all, we strive to prevent surgery, avoid medication, and live free.

Recover Stronger, Faster, and Pain-Free

Our focus is pain relief, whether it’s a sports injury or from everyday wear and tear. We address soft tissue restrictions such as, strains, sprains, trigger points, and muscle adhesions that all cause body and joint pain.



Understand your issue

We start with listening and understand you and the pain you’re experiencing.


perform orthopedic tests

We perform posture assessment, checking your range of motion & testing your strength to track progress.



After that, we identify specific muscle relationships that are causing your pain.


Fill up the form, and describe your pain. One of our team member will contact you soon.

Designed to help you Live Life Like a Pro.

We offer highly individualized and skilled care for your particular diagnosis or injury. When you come see us, you will receive a perfect cocktail of treatments individualized for your needs.
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